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At a glance


What is nanoCure?


Why nanoCure?


How does it work?  


"Saving our environment by utilizing nature"


"Sustainable and cost efficient into the future" 


"Scientific development results in new opportunities" 


Our vision is to help our partners improve operation procedures, lower the energy costs and establish a safer and clean working environment. nanoCure focuses on the trade, application and consultation on high performance nanotechnology products, in order to support our partners with specific solutions. The products have been developed for industrial use, and have been tested for many years. Our solutions can be individually adaptable and have a wide range of beneficial properties, which can be utilized for financial, operational and strategic gain. The opportunities are vast and versatile. .


Our company focuses on enhancing processes, functionality and profitability of products, machines, buildings and there surfaces. To realize our ambition, we concentrate on the intelligent combination of conventional methods and innovative, future oriented technologies, found in the field of nanotechnology. Once tremendous durability in extreme environments is asked for, experience and a profound knowledge of surface materials and application methods is essential to guarantee enduring and outstanding results. By utilizing an intelligent global network of partners and producers, we unify the experience and knowledge of more than 30 years working in maintenance work of ships, industry, power plants, buildings and cities.


The basic assumption of nanotechnology is that critical properties of materials matter on a nanometre scale. Observing materials on a nanometre scale, one will realize, that all materials have capillary structures on its surface, which deduce the materials characteristic surface properties. During the last decade scientist have developed nanoparticles which can add more, special properties to a surface, resulting in more robust and efficient surfaces.

Product range

                    nC-Professional             nC-Glas             graffitiCure
                    fuelCure             MKP             oilCure
                    nC-Protect             nC-Solar             thermalCure
              airCure small    


See results instead of guessing potential

Our concept

„It is time to let future technology be part of today’s existence, to an extent which exceeds our present horizon.“

nanoCure’s goal is to provide easily implementable and beneficial products to our partners. Strengthening existing, positive connections between companies and their customers and improve in-house processes. Utilizing the modern nanotechnology, nanoCure is able to protect your investments and solve problems before they occur. Our vision is to shape our environment and our customers’ environment more efficient, sustainable and future oriented.


We present to you: The clean solution.

  • The opportunities are vast
  • The application is easy
  • The solutions have been tested independently


More than just surface protection

  • Application
  • Anti corrosion
  • Anti Graffiti
  • Self cleaning surfaces
  • Very durable
  • Cost reduction through improved processes
  • Increase of profitability by cost reduction
  • Sustainably reducing the energy consumption

nanoCure is more than just surface protection, nanoCure is insouciance. The solutions have been tested in the industry for more than a decade and define themselves by a higher durability and effectiveness, compared to conventional products. nanoCure is innovative: it protects buildings, machines, products and systems long-lasting and sustainably of any environmental influences and other harmful, inevitable forces and by doing so, reduces maintenance costs and other profitability decreasing factors.

The individual properties of each of our products are extremely versatile and can be implemented in any industrial context.



„Clean stays clean“

Sustainability and a „clean conscience“ are modern values, which come along with innovation, professionalism and trustworthiness. Germany, as one of the spearheads in terms of waste separation and renewable energy production and consumption, is guided by an urge for innovation, which results in companies and products like nanoCure.

Our products are made by and for nature.

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